I. There’re some friends couldn’t watch the Videos of VideoMega.

“error loading media: File could not be played“

It’s temporary from your ISP.

Sometimes the issue will continue few minutes or longer. It’s up to your ISP.

Here are 2 solutions you can try to resolved the issue. This route issues can happen sometimes, is not a problem of videomega:

1. Restart your Broadband.

2. Try to change your dns to google ( and see if solves

Here is another situation maybe can resolved the Issue. (important)

I tried to play videos when I run the IDM. ( video downloader). And I found that the videos couldn’t be played.

Got the same issue.

“error loading media: File could not be played” Or “error loading Skin“

Because all the Videos Downloader software can detect the Videos Link.

Sorry. I don’t do any limited. VideoMega.TV did it.( Youtube always deleted the Videos if there are lots of people download the Videos. We tried before. )


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